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Co je to Mastering ?

What is mastering ?

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process, where goals are balanced and aesthetics are refined. It’s the very important polishing stage when all the previous efforts of tracking and mixing are crowned.

Good mastering enables listeners to perceive the subtlest details of your music in diverse listening environments: whether it's on the radio, an MP3 player, your home stereo, or in a multimedia setting. The best mastering also blends all the tracks of your album into a harmonically balanced artistic unit - full of life and energy.

It is especially important, then, to entrust the mastering of your music to people who are experts in the process.

Mastering in our studio encompasses several stages:

  • Initial Consultation: Describe your concept of the final shape of the project. You may wish to provide some favourite recordings as reference for sound or aesthetics
  • Optimisation: We will optimise the frequency spectrum of every track
  • Analogue Processing and ‘Sweetening': We will use our top quality equipment to refine the sound, depth, and energy of your recording
  • Preserving and Balancing Dynamic Levels of individual tracks and of the album as a whole
  • Review Consultation: You are afforded an additional opportunity to make comments before finalisation. If necessary, we may provide multiple versions for your consideration
  • Fulfillment of all the Technical Parameters necessary for production of your record
  • Providing the Final CD Master

"Your mastering gave a lyrical, well balanced tone to my songs, now they sound very nice and natural. Thanks..."

Steve Scott, Springfield, USA