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Velvet Mastering engineers

Ivo Sedlacek and Milan Havrda (a.k.a. Boris Carloff) are the principals of Velvet Mastering. As well as being first class mastering engineers, they are professional musicians, and utilize their collective experience to enhance the musical dimensions of all their mastering work.

IVO SEDLÁČEK – mastering engineer, a graduate from the Academy of Music Arts in Prague. The founder and owner of Savita Studio and Velvet Mastering, he is the author of 15 albums of his own original music ( As a member of several music enembles, he performs around the world.

- mastering engineer and producer. His recordings have been published in Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, and Germany. He is the leader of the Knot Photogenic group and the producer of a number of well-known Czech bands and soloists.

I have listened to the final mastered version (just on common small speakers) and it was truly breath-taking. It is an incredible difference comparing to the unmastered version. Thanks for this possibility ! We originally sent the album for mastering to the renowned Masterdisk studio in USA, but your mastering sounds incomparably better ...

Producer and musician Michal Novak,, Czech republic