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Top sound comes from patience, talent and great passion

As a world-class mastering facility in the heart of Europe, Velvet Mastering adds that special magic to good sounding recordings to create masters that truly sound great. With the best analogue and digital equipment available and a precisely designed listening environment, we offer you the highest technical quality with an exceptional final sound – all at a very reasonable price.

Whether you send us your recordings by post, you work with us online, or you attend the mastering session in person, we will give each individual recording the utmost care.

After all, great sound is our true passion ...

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"I listened fully and concentrated to the whole CD. The new sound from your mastering is absolutely great... The whole thing just somehow seems more clear and clean - it sort of simply gives more pleasure in the listening. I am really glad you did that - it seems appropriate considering how much time and energy I invested in the composing and recording, to do a perfect mastering job. Thanks so much.."

Edward Powell ( about his mastered Bluesand CD